Military Fitness

The United States Army has a interesting approach to what they dictate as fitness. Yes I believe it is important for every soldier to maintain peak physical conditioning, but how do you measure it? They army performs a test called an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) that measures the level of fitness off of 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 2 mile timed run, but does this test of the combat readiness of a soldier? In current War conflicts, Soldiers are not running a distance, but rather walking or running short distances with the weight of their gear (upwards of 60lbs). This article posted by a military Commander explains how he trains for an APFT, yet maintains combat effective. strength.


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I am a senior at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I will be graduating May 2015 with a BS in Exercise Science. After graduation I will be Commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army.

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