Nutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing is something most people who are into diet/nutrition overlook. Yes calories and macronutrients are the most important aspects of a diet, but due to how our body works one should really look at the timing of the food we consume. This article I find hits it on the head. The main measured component of the time release system is, of course, the Carbohydrate. This article explains how carbohydrates affect different body systems, the different categories of carbohydrates, and the time in which they can be consumed. For example, carbohydrates should be consumed during or up to 3 hours post exercise. Those who have higher levels of body fat do not need as large of a carbohydrate intake. All is great information. I hope you take the time to read the article below. 


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I am a senior at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I will be graduating May 2015 with a BS in Exercise Science. After graduation I will be Commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army.

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