The Truth About Weight Loss… Through My Eyes

Growing up I was always a bigger guy. In my freshman year of college I peaked at 330lbs. I was constantly sick with a cold and got the flu almost every year. I was lazy, unmotivated, and pretty much only concentrated on school and work. Then one day I decided to make a change….my New Years resolution. Within a year I lost 100lbs and have maintained the weight loss averaging between 175-190lbs. Throughout my twenties I have been asked multiple times; “how did you lose the weight?”, “did you take something?”, “what did you eat?”. Here are my tips to share with the world….

1. There is no medical drug or specific diet that will work for everyone. The biggest thing you need is motivation and dedication. You need to realize that you are not simply going on a “diet” but rather making a life change.

2. There is no one aspect that is more important than the other. Diet and physical activity play an equal important role.

3. You need to know what works for your body type. Everyone manages food intake differently. A high protein diet has always produced the best results for myself, but you have to try different things to see what suites you as an individual.

4. You cant do it on your own. Find support. I personally utilized friends who were into physical fitness drag me to the gym with them and to go running. Yes at first I was embarrassed, going to the gym late at night or early in the morning, but as soon as the weight started to fall off, your feeling of self worth sky rockets!

5. Avoid triggers that make you overeat. I have no gone to a buffet voluntarily in over 5 years.

6. Cardio is your best friend! but remember resistance training is important too. With loosing weight, it is unavoidable that you will lose muscle too. No one wants to get weak.

7. Track your results, compete with family members, do whatever you need to keep motivation!

8. Never make excuses for yourself. Yes genetics play a SMALL role, but it is one that everyone can overcome.

It takes a lot of hard work to lose weight and most people do not understand the difficulty of it all, but in the end its worth it. The human body is amazing, it can overcome SO many things. A person must just push their body to and beyond the limit over and over again… The human potential is endless.

I hope this comes in handy. Just remember there is always someone who will support you, just seek out that motivation and push yourself beyond your limits.


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I am a senior at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I will be graduating May 2015 with a BS in Exercise Science. After graduation I will be Commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army.

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