My name is Gregory Wiegand and I am an Senior at the University of NC at Charlotte. I am going to achieve my BS in Exercise Science in May 2015. Upon graduation I will also be commissioning as an Active Duty 2nd lieutenant in the US Army. I have battled obesity through my life. I graduated High School at 310lbs and by the December of my Freshman year was 330lbs. It wasnt until my Freshman year that I decided to dedicate myself and do something about it. Within the first month of dieting and performing cardiovascular exercise I was down 40lbs and resulting in a weight of 290lbs, within a year I was down 130lbs weighing 200lbs. I lost the weight, but became extremely weak in the meantime. I only performed Cardiovascular exercise and minimal resistance training. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done it in a safer and healthier way.


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